Jumping on the bandwagon


Ciao! After a failed attempt a few years ago at this blogging thing, guess who’s back… back again. I really shouldn’t use the word failedย because the fact of the matter is, I just let life get in the way and before I knew it (or more like didn’t know it) I had forgotten all about making time to write and share with you my super exciting life! Ha!

My name is Haide, and as you can probably already tell from my first paragraph, I don’t have it all figured out…yet. Actually, more often than not I trick myself into believing I do. I am a 25 year old 1st generation Latina living in Austin, Texas who loves to shop, sing, dance, travel, and explore new cultures among many other things.. I just love life! On any given Saturday you’ll find me at Zara shopping for the perfect outfit to wear salsa dancing plus the perfect beach dress to wear on the next vacation I haven’t even booked, chic shades to wear to Brunch the next day and one or two cute pieces to keep my office wardrobe stylish. On Sunday morning you’ll find me Pintresting (that’s a word right) the World’s Best Gluten Free French Toast while deciding if I should go to the gym before or after church or not at all and maybe I should skip the cooking and text the girls to meet for brunch instead. Mondays are for walks with my mini poodle Louie and wine tastings with my handsome boyfriend or for orthodontic and hair appointments. Are you intrigued yet?

So why am I back? I’m not trying to be like the cool kids and make a million bucks off my blog, although if I’m keeping it 100, that would so freaking amazing!ย  Rather, in the past few years I’ve re-discovered myself by stepping out of my comfort zone, doing things that seemed so out of the ordinary and yet along the way I realized that there were so many people out there who were living these extraordinary lives making them seem so… ordinary. As I sat in the hair salon dryer chair yesterday, I thought, “OMG I really need to start blogging again and share all of the great things I’ve learned, am learning, and will learn”! Again, I don’t have it all figured out but I want to invite you on my journey as I do, and hey you might just learn a thing or two as well…or at least I’ll keep you entertained :).




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