Float On Lake Austin


It’s Scorpio SZN y’all! This means birthday festivities, and in the midst of a pandemic I found the perfect way to celebrate.

Texas weather is a bit unpredictable to say the least, but this time of the year it’s generally chilly already, so when I saw the weather forecast for the weekend you best believe I booked a boat!


How to Prep for a Photoshoot


Photographer: Josh Baker, AzulOx Visuals

Model & Styling: Me, Haide Gonzalez aka Ciao Bonita 🙂

Photoshoots are not just for models now a days and with the Holidays upon us, I know that many of you will be scheduling family photoshoots so I wanted to share some helpful tips to make yours and the photographer’s experience smooth and enjoyable :). Thank-you to my friend and long time photographer Josh Baker with Azulox Visuals who is a photography genius and always makes me look amazing :).

Hello Fall Mini Shoot


I connected with Karina, from Shutterheart Photography, a few weeks ago on Instagram. She shared with me her current project to grow her blogger portfolio and some of her own blog posts. I loved her style instantly and how detailed she was when explaining what she was going for. We arranged a shoot in a beautiful open field at my favorite time of the day; golden hour.

Trendy Authentic Mexican Food in ATX


As many of you who follow me on social media might know, I absolutely love good food. And you know what’s better than good food? Good food paired with a great experience. I’m all about the experience y’all! So whether you’re an Austin native or you’re visiting this beautiful city, below are my go-to’s when it comes to trendy ( Instagram worthy) authentic Mexican food.

Dear World, I Will Not Stop

An article from the Mini Doc X
Written By: Rachelle C Davis with Video & Copy

How one of Austin’s most promising bloggers balances the realities of life with her relentless drive

“Everybody thinks sometimes that you live this perfect life and it’s not like that at all…everybody has their own struggles that they have to deal with.” Haide Gonzalez, 26 years old, has been passionate about fashion, health, and traveling since her teen years. In the last two years, she’s built an impressive blog and Instagram following that combines her passions and inspires others to live their best lives.

Spring Fashion Trends

Spring Fashion Photoshoot with Azulox Visuals
Location: West Pecan Coffee + Beer in Pflugerville, TX

Keeping up with the Trends

In a time when technology is moving faster than we can understand it, fashion trends seem to be following suit. Being a full time employee, fur mom, girlfriend, daughter, sister, blogger, etc. it is difficult to find time to make it out to my favorite clothing stores to see what is new.

Where to Stay in Puerto Rico


Before you decide on where to stay, make a list of the things you want to do during your visit. It is important to identify the type of trip you are planning. Would you rather spend more time relaxing by the beach? Are you the adventurous type? Or maybe you’re more interested in exploring the history of the city. Puerto Rico, although small, is very diverse in what it has to offer.

Visit Amsterdam!


Off we went to Amsterdam! City of canals, tulips, bicycles, narrow tall houses and of course home of the red light district. The language spoken here is Dutch and although I am nowhere near mastering even basic Dutch, it was a relief to find that most people spoke English.